Mattapan Community Health Center's

Breast Health Progam, in partnership with

Boston Medical Center, features onsite

Mammography Health Services

For further information

Please contact: 

Julet Queensborough

at 617-898-9075

Breast Health Program

The Breast Health Program at Mattapan Community Health Center, in partnership with Boston Medical Center, provides the following Mammography Services listed below:

  • Scheduling mammogram screening appointments based on Patient's flexibility
  • Schedule diagnostic mammogram appointments at Boston Medical Center for patients with abnormal findings
  • Schedule and refer patients to Boston Medical Center Breast Health Center for abnormal breast issues/problems
  • Provides mammogram procedure instructions
  • Provides case management/resources/referral for patients diagnosed with Breast Cancer

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact: Julet Queensborough, at 617-898-9075

Pictured at the top left is our onsite Digital Mammography Dianostic and Screening Machine which is operated with our partners at Boston Medical Center. Also pictured is the comfortable waiting area for our Mammography Patients.