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Improve the health and well-being of diverse populations in Mattapan and surrounding communities by providing exceptional comprehensive integrated health services.

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Opening times

Opening times

Mon thru Thurs - 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM, Fri 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM, Closed on Weekends

Family and Community Health Services

MCHC encourages giving others the proper tools of life that will allow them to live a healthier lifestyle. We are here to help you and your family to stay and become healthy by making smart life choices.

The Public Health staff strives to promote better health and help to assure that people are provided with accessible quality health care. Our programs promote a healthy lifestyle by preventing behaviors that lead to disease and managing chronic health conditions. We offer quality and efficient methods of providing counseling that will allow the individual to meet their wellness goals.

Mattapan Community Health Center has been providing Community and Public Health Services to the Mattapan and Hyde Park communities for more than 40 years. We have a wide array of services that we provide. We are also now accepting new patients. Please call 617-296-0061 to schedule an appointment.

Family And Community Health Services

The Healthcare mission is to change the paradigm of health services to a group care model in order to improve the overall health outcomes of mothers, babies, new families, and all individuals across the life cycle.

Women spend more time with their health care provider, and with other pregnant women, which gives them a chance to learn a lot more about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Checkups, support, and education all take place in a group setting.

For more information, you can contact Mirthaud Augustin, RN, OB Nurse at 617-898-9046. Marie Mashmasarmi, Boston Healthy Start Initiative Family Partner at 617-898-9063.

HIV/AIDS Counseling And Testing Program

The HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing Services at MCHC is an ongoing program that provides HIV testing and family planning counseling. To protect yourself and your partner, it is important to get tested regularly. The following services are offered:

  • Confidential HIV testing and Counseling
  • Education and Prevention
  • Family Planning Counseling

Contact our Health Educator at 617-296-0061.

Family Planning

The Family Planning Program at MCHC provides family planning visits in which a female or male client between the ages of 13 to 65 receive face-to-face family planning counseling alone or in conjunction with related services such as:

  • Contraceptive method choices and management
  • Pregnancy test and pregnancy options
  • Reproductive Health
  • Counseling on STIs and risk reduction
  • HIV test, risk assessment, and risk reduction
  • Infertility, Sterilization, Preconception counseling, Fertility awareness

For more information, you can contact Alexis Nurse, MA, Community Health Educator/Family Planning Counselor at 617-898-9055.

Perinatal Case Management

The Perinatal Case Management Program at Mattapan Community Health Center (PCMP) offers the following services:

  • Obstetrics and Women's Health Services
  • Individualized case management for pregnant and post-partum women who choose BMC or BWH for their deliveries

Contact our Certified Case Manager at 617-898-9012.

Boston Healthy Start Initiative

Boston Healthy Start Initiative is designed to improve birth outcomes for women of color in Mattapan and the greater Boston Area through clinical and case management services. Clinical Services/Case Management Services include:

  • Home visiting, health education, health assessment, support and care of postpartum client/family until the child reaches 24 months
  • Conducting comprehensive patient/family social service assessments for identification of physical and psychosocial conditions that may adversely affect client/family through teaching, intervention, support, and referral.

Contact: Marie Mashmasarmi, Boston Healthy Start Initiative Family Partner at 617-898-9063.