Our Mission

The mission of Mattapan Community Health Center is to improve the health and well-being of diverse populations in Mattapan and surrounding communities by providing exceptional primary care, preventive health services, and social services.

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Building Healthier Communities Since 1972

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At Mattapan Community Health Center, our OB/GYN Providers recognize that women have many unique health care needs. We have an excellent OB/GYN Staff at Mattapan Community Health Center. Our team of physicians and nurse practitioners is dedicated to making each woman, who comes for our services, feel confident and comfortable in their care. Your care is our number one priority.

Our Physicians and Nurse Practitioners specialize in pregnancy and childbirth and provide exceptional care for women of all ages. They are knowledgeable of the latest research, technological advances, and holistic approaches. We offer an experienced, perceptive team focused on the care of each individual woman.

We offer treatments ranging from infertility, gynecology, and obstetrics.
Obstetrics Services
Pregnancy check-ups

Gynecology Services offered at Mattapan Community Health Center include:
Pap smear
Endometritis screening
Cervical Cancer Screening
HPV screening